Stereo Camera Systems for Vessel Berthing

Stereo Camera Systems for Vessel Berthing

Prof Yongwoon Choi and Yoshiaki Mizuchi, Soka University, Japan, and Prof Youngbok Kim, Pukyong National University

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This paper proposes a vision-based monitoring system designed and integrated to support vessel berthing work and to reduce maritime accidents from human errors. The proposed technique presents
a distance measurement method which is essentially used for real working conditions.

The monitoring system is an integrated system for the safe berthing of a vessel, consisting of an observation information system, a tug-boat support system and a fender system. The basis of the system is a distance measurement system that can accurately measure the distance to a target, and track it in the condition of vessel’s roll-pitching motion. In this paper, the principle and application strategy of proposed technique are explained. Especially, the processing time of a proposed measurement system is about 200 frames per second in order to measure the position and heading angle of a vessel, its accuracy is within 1.0%...

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