#SPSC18 Conference e-Book #1 Supply Chains

#SPSC18 Conference e-Book #1 Supply Chains

Wolfgang Lehmacher, World Economic Forum; Dr. Oscar Pernia Fernandez, Navis and XVELA; Chris Collins; Rashid Abdulla, DP World; Niels Kristiansen, Anders Olivarius, Thor Thorup, Portchain

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We’re delighted to announce our new Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies event and I hope this e-book aids you in getting some key insight into the conceptual framework for the conference.

As the title suggests, we want to further the conversation beyond ports to their interconnecting supply chains, cutting edge technologies and global landscape of trade enablers, and then take that conversation back to the ‘smart’ port once more.

An ambitious project, yes, however after sizing up such a move over the last couple of years, the team at PTI feel the time to break new ground within the sector and take the conversation to new levels, with new voices, is now. It is a genuinely exciting time to be in this industry, as well as to be a human being in this day and age.

We sit on the precipice of epochal change, whether such change comes very soon or in a number of years, technology has the capability to drastically reimagine our very civilizations.

This consideration has always been at the heart of Port Technology’s operations and is a key reason why we want to explore uncharted territory in the industry and chart new trajectories.

  #SPSC18 Conference e-Book #1 Supply Chains      Automation and Optimisation, Port Focus, Supply Chain, Warehousing and Logistics

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#SPSC18 Conference e-Book #1 Supply Chains


The first ebook for the Smart Ports & Supply Chain Conference sees 2 exclusive papers along with 3 of the finest from Ed. 78 of PTI focusing on cutting edge operations in the supply chain

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