Smart Ports or Smart People: An SPSCT Event Review

Smart Ports or Smart People: An SPSCT Event Review

Richard Joy, Editor, Port Technology

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PTI recently held its first Smart Ports & Supply Chains Technologies Conference (SPSCT) in Rotterdam, and I thought I’d take this opportunity to explore, review and explain some of the findings therein. Port Tech MD James Khan and I wanted to bring the SPSCT event to the industry for many years, thinking it very much the natural offshoot of our Container Terminal Automation Conference (CTAC) in London which has developed over the last few years into a multifaceted event growing out beyond its remit.

The reality of the terminal automation explored during the CTAC conferences naturally lends itself to greater conversations around overarching new technology which unites once disparate elements of the supply chain. However, wanting to ensure CTAC didn’t lose its core theme in the hype and density of technology and the wider industry, we created SPSCT to branch out beyond terminal automation and involve ports, smart technologies and players focussing on the wider supply chain. After all, if the technologies of tomorrow (blockchain, IoT, etcetera) allow players along the whole supply chain to seamlessly interact, shouldn’t we be charting the...

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