Smart Port: A System of Systems Approach

Smart Port: A System of Systems Approach

Miguel Montesinos, CTO, Prodevelop; and, Jose Garcia de la Guia, CIO, Port Authority of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

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‘Smart’ is a very fashionable term. In recent years people have been talking about Smart in a range of ways: Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Smart Devices, Smart Advisors, and so forth. In the port realm, the Smart Port is becoming a must. Most big and medium-sized ports are engaged on Smart Port projects with different visions. All of them involve sensor data gathering and process automation, many of them focus on IoT (Internet of Things) and big data technologies, some others are focused to business digitalisation.

Whatever concept a port has opted for they all face similar problems: data belongs to different sensor owners (terminals, port authorities, truckers, etcetera) with very different collecting technologies, and there is a diverse and large number of potential recipients and beneficiaries of processing, automating and digitising this data. So far the problem is how we gather such manifold and changing data and then process and integrate it into the business processes of different port agents to make the Smart Port concept an enabler of port strategies.


It is important to offer a brief insight of what Smart Port architecture actually is. Aligned with other smart platforms...

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