Safeguarding the EU’s Sea Area With Frontex Border Staff Training

Safeguarding the EU’s Sea Area With Frontex Border Staff Training

Ossi Westilä, Senior Lecturer, Master Mariner, Manager of Simulation Training, Aboa Mare Training Centre; Peter Björkroth, Senior Lecturer, Aboa Mare Training Centre and Novia University of Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland

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Frontex was established in 2004. Before that, ad-hoc centres administered border management. The reason for establishing Frontex was an increased focus on migration, asylum seekers and security within the EU. With an increased workload on the Southern sea borders, a need for international co-operation increased. One of Frontex’s tasks is to ensure safe navigation in coastal areas and ports. Frontex arranges three or four Maritime Border Surveillance Officer-courses every year. Aboa Mare’s co-operation with Frontex on training began five years ago. Frontex training is now mainly conducted as simulator exercises, focusing on various aspects of managing sea areas. The expertise of both parties has since developed and deepened. The aim of the training was to enable controlling and safeguarding the movement of people in the maritime regions of the EU. 

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