Roller Supported Cable Carrier System: Efficient Container Crane Operation

Roller Supported Cable Carrier System: Efficient Container Crane Operation

David Smith, Director of Sales, KabelSchlepp Division, U.S. Tsubaki

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Ship-to-shore (STS) loading systems form a bridge between container ships and port facilities to allow easy loading and unloading of cargo hold. At the Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) in Colon, Panama, several container cranes are in operation around the clock. This requires a particularly high level of robustness and availability for the systems and all components to prevent costly failures and downtimes. This was the case with their Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co. (ZPMC) Crane #23 at this port facility – the old cable carrier was no longer able to meet the requirements. MIT was in the market for a new turnkey system that would take the performance of their cable track systems to the next level...

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