Retrofit Terminal Automation: Measuring the Market

Retrofit Terminal Automation: Measuring the Market

Neil Davidson, Drewry

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To date, most of the 44 automated container terminals already in operation around the world have been developed as new projects, that is; built from scratch on a blank canvas. However, there are notable exceptions where existing manual terminals have been retrofitted with automation as part of a major redevelopment, such is the case at terminals in Germany and the USA for example.

In Hamburg, HHLA is undertaking a phased redevelopment of the Burchardkai Terminal, the largest and oldest container handling facility in the port, which dates back to the late 1960s. The company is gradually installing ARMG yard blocks and turning the terminal into a semi-automated facility. In Los Angeles, the TraPac terminal has been re-equipped and re-developed into a fully automated facility using ASCs in the yard and automated straddle carriers for horizontal transfer. In neighbouring Long Beach the Middle Harbor Redevelopment... 

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