Rethinking Terminal Automation Design

Rethinking Terminal Automation Design

Wim D’haseleer and Dr. Oscar Pernia, TiL

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Automation is becoming a necessity in the future of many terminals around the world. Terminal operators recognize the changes to our industry with the introduction of automation, and embrace the opportunities incorporating those changes into their
operational model from the outset. With this in mind, below we have outlined two key facets of contemporary automation in terminals:

• Normally our industry connects automation with crane robotization only, without emphasizing the potential for ensuring operational excellence and for transforming the way container terminals serve the ocean supply chain 

• For an incrementally more connected industry, operational excellence can only come through transforming the business silos to a single digitized process platform to act as the operational backbone which is supported by the required intelligent
technology functions 

Taking a step back in time, the terminal automation industry has been through two major inflection points:

1. In the 1990s, Rotterdam and Hamburg began implementing automation with strong focus on enabling equipment connectivity with a technology core...

  Terminal Automation Design      Automation and Optimisation, Terminal Logistics

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