Q&A: Matthias Korthals, Hapag-Lloyd

Q&A: Matthias Korthals, Hapag-Lloyd

Matthias Korthals, Senior Director Global Procurement, Hapag-Lloyd

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In an exclusive Q&A with PTI, Matthias Korthals, Senior Director Global Procurement, Hapag-Lloyd speaks about the major challenges the shipping industry is facing in 2019.

"Firstly, if you look at the container shipping industry in 2014 and look at it in 2019, you can see that only 11 of the top 20 carriers are left." 

"The consolidation of the market has helped to ease the crisis, although we would say it is not over yet, we would say there’s been a major improvement in terms of profitability.

"Secondly, what we are seeing is a much better balance between supply and demand. The order book is pretty much okay and around about 11% at the moment."

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As the automation trend continues to grow rapidly in the ports and terminals sector, key stakeholders are looking for ways to deliver performance. This edition, published ahead of the Container Terminal Automation Conference 2019, focuses on how terminals can achieve results.

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