Port of Singapore: A Next Generation Port

Port of Singapore: A Next Generation Port

Tham Wai Wah, Director for Engineering and Information Technology, Maritime Port Authority of Singapore

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Editor's note: Singapore and its world-renowned port have become bywords for excellence in trade. This paper takes us into the inner workings of the Port of Singapore, a port that gets such popular coverage on the PTI website.

With a strategic global position, an open trading mentality and truly innovative technology in the city-state, the port is at the forefront of cutting-edge operations in ports and terminals worldwide.

This paper offers a unique insight into the plans of the future for Singapore and how it maintains its position as one of the world's most enigmatic ports.  

Except: Singapore is widely recognised as the leading international maritime centre (IMC). This year (2018), Singapore was ranked, for the fourth time in a row, as the top shipping centre in a report by the Baltic Exchange and Xinhua. In 2017, Norwegian consulting firm Menon Economics also named Singapore as the world’s top maritime capital in their study which benchmarked the world’s top maritime centres. 

Singapore strives to always remain relevant to the global supply chain. With increasing demands for connectivity from global maritime clusters, intensifying competitions from other ports and IMCs, and technology advancements giving rise to innovations and new business models, the... 

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