Port of Indiana Bulk Terminal: Metro Ports Ventures into Great Lakes Market

Port of Indiana Bulk Terminal: Metro Ports Ventures into Great Lakes Market

Michael Ferguson, President, Metro Ports, Long Beach, California

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It took 165 years, but Metro Ports is now operating a Great Lakes terminal. On July 1, 2017 the company took over operation of the bulk terminal at the Port of Indiana Burns Harbor on Lake Michigan. Metro Ports, which already had more than 25 operations in 10 coastal states, traces its roots back to 1852 when its original parent corporation, California Stevedore and Ballast Company, was established during the California Gold Rush era.
Today, the company moves a wide range of bulk and break bulk cargoes including coal, cement, aggregates, potash, fertilizer products, petroleum coke, borax, bauxite, steel, wind energy components and project cargo.

Why would an established company more than a century and a half old with such a strong presence at coastal ports decide to take over a terminal on the Great Lakes and inland rivers system?


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