Port-Centric Logistics: Enabling Smarter Trade

Port-Centric Logistics: Enabling Smarter Trade

Rashid Abdulla, CEO, DP World Europe & Russia

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As global trade continues it’s unstoppable march, the logistics network that supports it is expected to keep pace. Yet, with the growing strain of businesses’ end-to-end requirements, consumers’ insatiable demand for instantaneous delivery and historically slow shipping times, traditional means of logistics will not suffice. The speed and saturation of the global economy means that, for businesses, it is no longer about finding a convenient port for import and export, but about choosing a port that that is already part of the integrated supply chains and wider logistics network. 

At DP World, we believe that port-centric logistics is a game-changer. By placing the port at the heart of our logistics operations, we are able to create integrated supply chains that provide a far more efficient offering for businesses, enabling them to adapt and evolve through faster distribution times, greater capacity, better accessibility and increased cost savings. Alongside this, DP World has developed a range of secondary services for importers and exporters, from inventory management to warehouse management, to drive results and create further growth...

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Port-Centric Logistics


Edition 82 focuses on port-centric logistics, a field that has become increasingly referenced in an age of end-to-end supply chains and digital, interacting ports

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