Navis: How to Create Change

Navis: How to Create Change

Andy Barrons, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Navis

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“It will all come down to uniting people, technology and ideas to create systemic changes”

What breaking innovations are currently going on at Navis?

At Navis World 2015, the team at XVELA produced a fun and fact-based setup of the container shipping industry, inspired by a similar set-up of US healthcare as illustrated in “If air travel worked like healthcare,” the YouTube video by The New Altons. This offered a humorous and informative view of industry comparisons and questioned why the container shipping supply chain is the way it is.

How do you currently envision the supply chain?

Looking to the future, we need to do better as an industry. The current systems and ways of working are not meeting the needs of the shippers, apart from delivering shippers unsustainably low level pricing for their freight. At what cost is this in creating a world class supply chain? With the growth in the number of mega-vessels, a continued imbalance of supply and demand, congestion bottlenecks and labour disputes, the supply chain system seems to be getting no better and, from a reliability and efficiency perspective, it may in fact be getting worse.

Much was mentioned at Navis World regarding the container supply chain fitting into the whole supply chain information system – how can this be achieved?  

When you compare container shipping with other industries, container supply chains seem highly...

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