Method, Risk and Regulation: A Container Weighing Insight

Method, Risk and Regulation: A Container Weighing Insight

Lars Meurling, Senior Vice President, Bromma, Kista, Sweden

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The date for when the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of an export container has to be available before the container is loaded on a vessel is just weeks away, and we know that a container without VGM will not be loaded onto a vessel.
The challenges for the actors in the supply chain to comply with the requirement are several. One of the biggest is how to establish the VGM. Where to weigh the container another; and what equipment to be used with what requirements on equipment yet another one. The formal requirements related to accuracy and certification are defined by the local authorities of each country, but it seems like some of the administrations have been caught off-guard and the requirements are set with very little time left for the operators to implement weighing equipment.
This article will elaborate on one of the things that risks being unforeseen by the regulatory authorities when defining the accuracy requirements: the difference between “equipment accuracy” and accuracy of the actual container weight. It will also look at some of the characteristics of the two main equipment options available to weigh the container in the terminal to establish the VGM. What are the benefits and what are the negatives related to them...
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  Embracing Automation      Container Weighing, Port Planning, Design & Construction

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