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A Patchy Implementation: A Global Perspective

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Holman Fenwick Wilan is a London based lawyer firm for international commerce, in this paper the SOLAS amendment is discussed and how authorities will be publishing their requirements shortly for implementation and enforcement in their jurisdictions, leaving very little time for the industry to action these and be ready for July 1. It is clear that different approaches and timetables are being followed in different jurisdictions.

Container VGM: One Month In

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ICHCA provides container solutions for container handling, It has been almost a month since the inception of the IMO’s SOLAS Amendment requiring shippers to verify the gross mass of a packed container which came into force on July 1, 2016. Prior to the event itself, many in the shipping community were in near uproar citing a lack of communication, a lack of wide consultation on the measures and a lack of individual government preparedness for this new law

Virtual Reality: Central to Maritime Training

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The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is the world’s leading organization for the preparation and publication of International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. In this paper Morand Fachot discusses maritime application for Virtual Reality technology. What is often seen as a novelty has been used for decades.

Bringing Training To The Terminal Industry

  Edition 71 – The Bulk Issue     Terminal Logistics,Port & Maritime Training,Port & Maritime Training,Terminal Focus

TBA's vision is to improve the cost efficiency and productivity of container and bulk terminals world-wide through consultancy and software, in this paper the Managing Director, Yvo Saanen, discusses the training of staff of maritime terminals, ranging from truck drivers, dispatchers, and planners, to shift managers and terminal management. A large portfolio of different types of training has been developed, to suit the needs of the market.

Innovation: The Route To Green Shipping

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Since climate change became a reality, goverments and private companies have began to work in regulation and policies that help to avoid the impact that the evolution in trade logistics is having on the environment

Container Weighing: Are you IT Ready?

  Edition 70 - Embracing Automation     Environment, Health & Safety,Global Issues,Automation and Optimisation,Port & Maritime Training,Container Weighing

One of the most pressing issues for all parties involved in container logistics is the new requirement from SOLAS that calls on shippers to obtain the verified gross mass (VGM) of all maritime containers before shipping. The main considerations with regard to this that one has to take into account are as follows

The Journey of CONTROLS: DP World Antwerp

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TBA is proudly celebrating ‘10 years CONTROLS’. In a series of articles, The Journey of CONTROLS will take you around the world, bringing you to various terminals who are using emulation and sharing their stories. In this second episode, we will write about the usage of CONTROLS at DP World (DPW) Antwerp

Terminal Automation: Challenges in Systems Integration

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With an influx of mega-vessels into the maritime industry, new challenges are now faced by ports and terminals, and in an exclusive new whitepaper Dr Armin Wieschemann of Terex explains how challenges in the integration of different systems can be met

ABP: Keeping Mega-Ships On Course

  Edition 69 - The Mega-Ship Issue     Port Focus,Mooring & Berthing,Global Issues,VTS, Navigation, Mooring and Berthing,Mega Ship Ready,Port & Maritime Training

Ultra Large Container Ships (ULCS) have become an increasingly familiar – and spectacular – sight around the UK’s coast as vessels continue to grow in size

Whitepaper: Improving Terminal Performance

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MD of Solid Port Solutions Joost Achterkamp articulates in detail how the mega-ship era requires mega performances from pioneering terminals

A Guide to Selecting, Implementing and Maximising a TOS

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Richard Willis of Port Solutions provides a concise yet definitive guide to the holistic selection and use of a TOS system