Technical Papers

ABP: Keeping Mega-Ships On Course

  The Mega-Ship Issue     Port Focus,Mooring & Berthing,Global Issues,VTS, Navigation, Mooring and Berthing,Mega Ship Ready,Port & Maritime Training

Ultra Large Container Ships (ULCS) have become an increasingly familiar – and spectacular – sight around the UK’s coast as vessels continue to grow in size

Bollard Safety Innovation for Ports and Terminals

  The Mega-Ports Edition     Port Focus,Port Planning, Design & Construction,Mooring & Berthing,Global Terminal Operators,Global Issues,Port Focus,Port Planning & Finance,Container Handling,Health and Safety,Mega Ship Ready,Mega Ship Ready

Jeff Main, Managing Director of BLT, here makes a convincing case for the testing of bollards in ports. As the size of ships increases, so do the dangers, unless bollards are correctly monitored

Navigation simulation for megaship handling

  The Collector's Edition II     VTMIS & Aids to Navigation (ATON),Mooring & Berthing,Environment, Health & Safety,Global Issues,VTS, Navigation, Mooring and Berthing,Mega Ship Ready,Automation and Optimisation,Mega Ship Ready

Simulation has become increasingly important in an era of mega-ships and massive port development projects, here the MSRC of explains their vital importance

Better docking for both pilots and terminals

  The Collector's Edition II     Port Planning, Design & Construction,VTMIS & Aids to Navigation (ATON),Mooring & Berthing,Global Issues,Mega Ship Ready,Mega Ship Ready

A paper which highlights the safe and efficient mooring and berthing of vessels from Navicom Dynamics, highlighting contemporary issues and the Portable Pilot Unit

Technology partners increasing port effectiveness

  Collector's Edition     Mooring & Berthing,VTS, Navigation, Mooring and Berthing

The main challenge for the Port of Antwerp is to monitor 15,000 incoming and outgoing vessels per year in one of the busiest and largest harbours by surface area in the world. To allow for safe and secure ship movements, they have appointed partners of choice, Tein Technology, who have a proven track record in deploying unified surveillance solutions in the maritime sector. Tein delivered high-tech CCTV cameras and network to complement the the Port of Antwerp's radar systems, as well as developing interfaces for the entire monitoring platform operating from one control centre.

State-of-the-art mapping system is a game changer

  Collector's Edition     Mooring & Berthing,VTS, Navigation, Mooring and Berthing

Having a situational awareness of marine environments has always been a challenge for ports, harbours, canals and lock systems and was only possible with very large and expensive survey vessels and/or dive teams. However, that has all changed with the development of a light-weight survey vessel that is able to capture 3D data above and below the water surface. This article looks at how these 3D mapping vessels are making it possible for facilities managers to make more informed decisions, reduce risk and lower their maintenance costs.

Microbiologically influenced corrosion of pilings

  Edition 60     Mooring & Berthing,VTS, Navigation, Mooring and Berthing

Sheet piles, used as retaining walls, wharfs, and piers, are typically made of unprotected carbon steel (CS). This type is affordable and the general corrosion rate (wastage) is predictable. Despite the long and successful use of CS sheet pilings, there are reports of localised corrosion of CS pilings that have been identified as microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) ie. corrosion that is a result of the presence and activities of microorganisms.

Embedded retaining wall options within port environments

  Edition 59     Mooring & Berthing,VTS, Navigation, Mooring and Berthing

A brief overview of the principal structural forms available for embedded retaining walls including steel and concrete piling elements, and lesser utilised materials such as plastic. The key benefits and limitations of each relating to strength, durability and construction techniques for port applications are also discussed.

Tackling the rotor tug challenge

  Edition 55     Mooring & Berthing,VTS, Navigation, Mooring and Berthing

Across the world, there is an increased demand for advanced simulator-based tools that can assist tug operators and ports in determining the best type, size, number of tugs and the strategies to be used for a given tug operation.

Engineered maintenance of port wharf structures

  Edition 55     Mooring & Berthing,VTS, Navigation, Mooring and Berthing

Combinations of maintenance and corrosion management approaches have been adopted by Newcastle Port Corporation (NPC) for its wharf and berth structures including doing nothing in some cases. The age of NPC's wharf and berth structures varies from 32 to 63 years. Some are therefore at or beyond their designed lives. However, decades of future service lives are required of the structures.

Safe mooring starts at sea

  Edition 55     Mooring & Berthing,VTS, Navigation, Mooring and Berthing

The safe mooring of a ship is of utmost importance. The mooring process however appears to be the forgotten link in the nautical chain. This became evident when the European harbour masters decided to make a video about strengthening the whole nautical chain through a greater awareness of all its links.