Technical Papers - Dredging

Expanding the Suez Canal: Doing the Undoable

  PTI Edition 84 - Delivering Performance

Ashraf Ghazy of the Damietta Port Authority underlines the scale and success of the ongoing Suez Canal expansion

  Dredging and Coastal Development, Mega Ship Ready, Supply Chain

Port Partnerships in Practice

  PTI Edition 79 - Smart Ports & Supply Chains

Two trends have defined container shipping in the past decade. To start with, bigger and bigger ships were built at an unprecedented pace and the result was systemic overcapacity.

  Dredging and Coastal Development, Global Terminal Operators, Port Focus, Port Planning, Design & Construction, VTMIS & Aids to Navigation (ATON)

New Suez Canal Project: A Logistics Journey

  PTI Edition 71 - The Bulk Issue

IADC is the forum for all oil and gas drilling industry stakeholders to connect, in this paper René Kolman discusses the New Suez Canal Project, it was aimed at improving the country’s economy. The second lane would reduce waiting times for transiting ships, facilitate traffic in two directions and increase the number of ships allowed in the waterway. SCA expects revenues to increase from US$5.3 billion at present to US$13.2 billion by 2023 due to the additional lane.

  Dredging and Coastal Development, Port Planning, Design & Construction

The Infinite Possibilities of the Suez Canal

  Edition Online

Since the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, the political landscape around the Suez Canal has changed, yet with a new channel doubling traveling speeds, this Tech Paper reviews its auspicious looking future

  Environment, Health & Safety, Finance, Global Terminal Operators, Mega Ship Ready, Port Focus, Port Planning, Design & Construction

Ground Improvement Techniques

  PTI Edition 60 - Edition 60

Jeffrey R. Hill, PE, senior engineer, Hayward Baker Inc, discusses a variety of ground improvement and specialty foundation solutions that can support bulkheads, heavy storage warehouses, grain silos, large-diameter tanks or any other port structure. These solutions are designed to efficiently provide a foundation-related maintenance-free operation for the design life of the structure, and are well-suited to the poor ground conditions often associated with port and shipping facilities.

  Dredging and Coastal Development, Port Focus, Port Planning, Design & Construction