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Saftey Initiatives

  Edition 73 - The Automation, Training & Simulation Issue     Container Handling,Health and Safety,Automation and Optimisation,Automation and Optimisation,Carriers,Shipping

It may seem rare that common ship handling and cargo loading operations result in major incidents. However, when such circumstances do arise, the financial and commercial consequences can be significant.

The Problems of Emissions In Ports

  Edition 73 - The Automation, Training & Simulation Issue     Port Planning, Design & Construction,Environment, Health & Safety,Global Terminal Operators,Port Focus,Health and Safety,Environment and Sustainability,Automation and Optimisation,Automation and Optimisation,Carriers

The ports industry is one of the most competitive in the world, a crucial part of keeping out economy thriving, it employs thousands of people around the globe. Their will always be a need for ports: every single day they transport cargo, breakbulk, and people around the world.

Q&A: Jeff Main

  Edition 71 - The Bulk Issue     Port Focus,Environment, Health & Safety,Port Focus,Health and Safety

Port Technology does a Q&A with Jeff Main from Bollard Load Testing Ltd (BLT), discussing the importance of bollard load testing. The Bollard Load Testing equipment is the result of over two years research, development and testing by our marine engineering specialists who have designed a fully calibrated, and easily deployable way of testing the strength of marine bollards.

Quay Crane Cracks: An Investigation

  Edition 71 - The Bulk Issue     Container Handling,Environment, Health & Safety,Container Handling,Health and Safety

This paper looks into the issue of premature cracks appearing in container crane booms and girder structures in the TIS container terminal, Ukraine. At first sight, a possible reason for the problem might be using a grab for coal unloading, when the crane structural design was not created with this purpose. In order to check this hypothesis, we have measured stress fluctuation in the critical elements of the crane when operating with spreader and grab. After this, a comparison of the obtained results could be completed.

New eBook: Cutting-Edge Automation

  Edition Online     Port Focus,Port Planning, Design & Construction,Global Terminal Operators,Global Issues,Health and Safety,Automation and Optimisation,Automation and Optimisation,E-book

New eBook from PTI explores the latest trends and technologies in automation and acts as a precursor to the upcoming PTI Terminal Automation & Training Event

Container Weighing eBook

  Edition Online     Global Terminal Operators,Global Issues,Container Handling,Health and Safety,E-book,Container Weighing

PTI has released a new eBook with four exclusive papers that explore the container weighing issue from an operational, logistical, practical and legal perspective

Innovative Yard Strategies for Ports and Terminals

  Edition 67 - The Mega-Ports Edition     Port Focus,Container Handling,Environment, Health & Safety,Health and Safety,Mega Ship Ready,Mega Ship Ready

The Port of Felixstowe – otherwise known as the Port of Britain - is the largest container port in the UK. It handles over 4 million TEU per year; over 40% of all the container traffic that comes into, or out of, the UK

Bollard Safety Innovation for Ports and Terminals

  Edition 67 - The Mega-Ports Edition     Port Focus,Port Planning, Design & Construction,Mooring & Berthing,Global Terminal Operators,Global Issues,Port Focus,Port Planning & Finance,Container Handling,Health and Safety,Mega Ship Ready,Mega Ship Ready

Jeff Main, Managing Director of BLT, here makes a convincing case for the testing of bollards in ports. As the size of ships increases, so do the dangers, unless bollards are correctly monitored