Technical Papers - Global Issues

Autonomous Vehicles in Intermodal Transportation

  PTI Edition 77 - AI & Intelligence

The idea of more precision and automation in freight movement is attractive to the industry, and in some regards, will reshape the structure of some logistics systems

  Automation and Optimisation

Mapping the Globe: The Patterns of Mega-Ships

  PTI Edition 77 - AI & Intelligence

This paper aims to provide a concrete description and explanation of the observed pattern in mega ship trends for 2016-2018

  Mega Ship Ready, Supply Chain

Q&A: Dr Jose Holguin-Veras

  Edition Online

A Q&A exploring the imminent reality of autonomous trucks taking to the roads with Dr Jose Holguin-Veras

  Automation and Optimisation, Environment, Health & Safety, Port Focus, Security, Surveillance and Detection, Supply Chain

Chinese Seaport Governance: Reform and the Influence of Broader Policies

  PTI Edition 76 - Cyber Risk & Security

The past 65 years have brought significant changes to China’s economic and political landscape and the Chinese society at large, influencing the degree to which China’s ports are centrally governed. This paper explains the early stages of port organization which saw port governance centralized, and which has since been succeeded by a stage in which broader economic policies have increasing impact.

  Global Terminal Operators

Freight Rates: Where is the Container Industry Headed?

  PTI Edition 76 - Cyber Risk & Security

Containerships continue to grow in size, as evidenced by MOL’s recent order for 22,000 TEU megaships, carriers, shippers, ports, and governments are beginning to ramp-up orders to deal with the financial, logistical and legal ramifications of such ships. Much as carriers and shippers need to work as partners in moving cargo so each side earns a profit and reliability of vessel schedules remains a joint priority, ports and port operators also need to be brought into the same equation. The larger vessels employed today bring an incredibly complex choreography with them into each port; just last week in the Port of Los Angeles, the Maersk Evora loaded and unloaded a record total of 24,846 TEUs between October 17-22, 2017 which Maersk is claiming is a new world record for a single port call. It’s more than just loading and unloading boxes: One needs to visualize the planning needed to coordinate the rail, trucking, chassis availabiliti es and customs documentation.


Q&A with Benjamin Lai of DaChan Bay Terminals

  PTI Edition 76 - Cyber Risk & Security

DaChan Bay Terminals (DCB) is part of the Port of Shenzhen, the third-busiest container port in the world. To handle ship traffic DCB deploys a full fleet of electricity-powered rubber tyred gantry cranes (e-RTGs) and dual hoist tandem-lift QCs, which are able to simultaneously handle two 40-foot containers. DCB is the world's first container terminal to deploy a full fleet of e-RTGs, using electricity instead of diesel. E-RTGs emit no CO2 emissions during their operations in terminals and their indirect CO2 emissions are 60% lower than those of diesel-powered RTGs. All quay cranes are also electricity-powered. These cranes are able to simultaneously handle two 40-foot containers or four 20-foot containers with lower energy consumption and higher productivity.

  Global Terminal Operators, Mega Ship Ready

Shanghai Port: Yangtze Growth Strategy

  PTI Edition 75 - Mega-Ports & Mega-Terminals

The Port of Shanghai is located in one of China's most economically developed cities, situated at the middle of the 18,000 kilometre-long Chinese coastline, where the Yangtze River flows into the sea. As the direct hinterland of the Port of Shanghai, the Yangtze Economic Zone contributes more than 40% of the GDP of China, as well as 25% of the nation’s total import and export cargos.

  Port Focus

Automated Intelligence

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

Why is realizing the full potential of automated terminals for operational performance taking so long? And, for those who succeed in automation, why is it so complex and difficult?

  Automation and Optimisation, Port Focus

Shipping on the Northern Sea Route

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

Shipping companies using the sea route must apply to Russia’s Northern Sea Route Administration to enter or pass through the sea route area

  Supply Chain

Container Trades of East and Southern Africa

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

Dyanmar has released a summary of its latest container insight with PTI

  Supply Chain

A New Dawn for Dry Bulk

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

For the first time since 2000 the order-book has shrunk below 8% of the total dry bulk fleet

  Dry Bulk & Specialist Cargo Handling, Finance

Stereo Camera Systems for Vessel Berthing

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

This paper proposes a vision-based monitoring system designed and integrated to support vessel berthing work and to reduce maritime accidents from human errors

  VTMIS & Aids to Navigation (ATON)

Smart Port Logistics

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

After many successful decades of digitalization and automation in contemporary ports, the next big step is to look at innovative ways for extracting more value from new and existing data sources to achieve competitive advantages

  Automation and Optimisation, Mega Ship Ready, Port Focus

Responding to Environmental Regulation

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

IMO Member States will in June 2017 begin to develop a strategy to reduce CO2 emissions from the international shipping sector, in line with the ambitious spirit of the Paris Agreement on climate change

  Environment, Health & Safety, Supply Chain