Technical Papers

Research Paper: Automation and Electric Drives

  Edition Online

In recent years there has been moderate annual growth in global container handling volumes – reaching around 700 million TEU in 2017. Meanwhile, the capacity of the world container vessel fleet has increased considerably to over 20 million TEU. Because of this, shipping lines are increasingly operating in global alliances, giving them scope to optimize their services and increase their buying power.

  Automation and Optimisation

Natural Disaster Risk: Geospatial Assessments for Resilient Infrastructure

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

Natural disasters, such as coastal hurricanes and rainfall flooding, can create major impacts on marine transportation. Ports and port cities will also be increasingly threatened by tsunami and climate-related sea level rise (SLR) by year 2100.

  Environment, Health & Safety, Port Focus, Supply Chain, Terminal Logistics

The VGM Ruling: A Review of the Implementation

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

The much trumpeted container weighing regulation which exercised much of the freight industry last year is hoped to be the mere overture to a concerted effort to bring about significant behavioural change. This paper assesses the degree of compliance with the VGM regulation that has been achieved but also looks forward to what needs to be done to further ensure safety and sustainability in the global supply chain.

  Container Handling, Container Weighing

Bot Controlled Borders

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

The ports and borders sector looks to be growing and needs new AI technology to support it

  Security, Surveillance and Detection

Automated Intelligence

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

Why is realizing the full potential of automated terminals for operational performance taking so long? And, for those who succeed in automation, why is it so complex and difficult?

  Automation and Optimisation, Port Focus

Shipping on the Northern Sea Route

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

Shipping companies using the sea route must apply to Russia’s Northern Sea Route Administration to enter or pass through the sea route area

  Supply Chain

Optimizing Operations in Bulk Terminals

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

This paper examines how the integration of three bulk decision-making problems are of critical importance to ensure efficient operation and use of port terminal facilities

  Dry Bulk & Specialist Cargo Handling

Automatic Twistlock Systems

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

The current practice at container terminals is to manually remove twistlocks from containers – a time consuming activity. This process can be automated, which saves time, reduces risk at the terminal and contributes to a more efficient operation.

  Automation and Optimisation, Container Weighing

Detect and Control Cyber Risks

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

In order to ensure that processes and interconnections don‘t allow malware to shut down operations or allow manipulation of data for illegal purposes, a solution to identify threats along the supply chain is urgently needed

  Automation and Optimisation, Security, Surveillance and Detection, Supply Chain

Collaborative Truck Schedules

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already transforming business and industry all over the world. By the year 2020, approximately 80 billion connected devices will be operating within the IoT

  Port Planning, Design & Construction

Container Trades of East and Southern Africa

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

Dyanmar has released a summary of its latest container insight with PTI

  Supply Chain

A New Dawn for Dry Bulk

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

For the first time since 2000 the order-book has shrunk below 8% of the total dry bulk fleet

  Dry Bulk & Specialist Cargo Handling, Finance

Empty Container Repositioning

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

This technical paper touches upon a few of the intricacies and suggest directions for further exploration to resolve the issues of busy container yards

  Container Handling

Cyber Risk Management

  PTI Edition 74 - AI & Automation

If seafarers have been managing operational and business risks since the Phoenicians traded their purple dye, the increasing use of cyber technology promises vast unchartered waters

  Security, Surveillance and Detection