Liner Shipping in 2025

Liner Shipping in 2025

Lars Jensen, CEO, SeaIntelligence, Copenhagen, Denmark

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With the turmoil of 2016 barely behind us, it could appear overly optimistic to attempt to forecast the industry’s developments as far in to the future as 2025. That is nonetheless the focus of my new book entitled LinerShipping 2025 – how to survive and thrive. In this paper I will offer a review of some of the key elements of the book.

The industry is currently facing a fundamental transformation which will profoundly change the existing business models – and that this transformation will happen irrespective of the practical details, such as demand growth and freight rate developments. Let us contemplate four of the main driving forces: digitization, transparency, supply-chain dispersal and network optimization.

The first two aspects will have overall ramifications for the industry, and the latter two aspects will have a significant impact on the container ports and terminals, where transhipment terminals will see material impact especially...

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