Kuenz FREERIDER: The Next Level of RTG

Kuenz FREERIDER: The Next Level of RTG

Walter Schoenecker, Head of Product Development FREERIDER, Kuenz

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We see the FREERIDER as the missing link between the existing RTG and common ASC´s. The FREERIDER thereby facilitates the conversion of RTG brownfield terminals into automated operations. A new milestone in this industry.

The main idea behind the existing RTG operation was to use the RTG just for the side loading or unloading of containers for horizontal transport. In this case, the conventional RTG is used mainly in trolley movement and no long travel container transport in the stack was needed. Based on such RTG characteristics we can see that there is a low operating speed, a weak gantry structure, and excess movement during operation. Therefore, automating has been a challenge.

We foresee that the future challenges for automated RTG´s will be in the optimization of the product, as well as the fast and safe integration within existing terminals. 

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