Integrating Smart Ports and Supply Chains: Through the Prism of Singapore

Integrating Smart Ports and Supply Chains: Through the Prism of Singapore

Dr Wei Yim Yap, Senior Lecturer, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore Dr Jasmine Siu Lee Lam, Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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Editor's note: Singapore is one of, if not the, most advanced port in the world, and this paper outlines how the modern supply chain should interact with the contemporary smart port. This is done by utilizing the example of the Port of Singapore, which is the prism through which this paper articulates the present supply chain. A highly insightful paper. 

The notion of ‘smart’ in the technological sense and when applicable to the port and supply chain community encompasses the dimensions of analytics, predictive capabilities and intelligent systems that can learn and adapt automatically. Advancements in analytics capabilities and the proliferation of technologies that are deployed to facilitate information capture and process execution present ports and supply chains with the opportunity for much closer interaction.

The aim of such modern technology is, or should be, to enhance efficiency, safety and security. In the case of Singapore, the container port interacts with thousands of supply chains on a daily basis – and millions
on an annual basis – that cover almost every habitable region on the planet. All of this is being accomplished without a...

  Linking the Supply Chain      Automation and Optimisation, Supply Chain

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Linking the Supply Chain


The modern port has to think beyond its immediate sphere in order to countenance the supply chain of the future, and this edition has a bumper Intelligent Supply Chain section so terminal executives can gain key insight into the wider supply chain

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