Innovative Technology for Modern Terminals

Innovative Technology for Modern Terminals


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Reach-stacker Market Development
Liebherr Maritime Cranes estimates that the reach-stacker market will increase slightly in the future. The prediction is that European rail-and-inland waterway traffic will further develop especially. This trend shall cause an increase of the intermodal sector once more and on the basis of these predicted market developments, Liebherr has developed a new reach-stacker series.

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New and innovative products emerge more often as a result of a cross-sectoral combination of technologies and design. The new reach-stacker series is the latest cargo handling solution from Liebherr Maritime Cranes and as such benefits not only from the involved companies’ collective maritime experience, but also from its expertise in the fields of engine architecture and system control software. The result is a reach-stacker which exceeds all the demands of a modern container terminal puts on operators...
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