Human-Machine Interfaces: The Key to Productivity?

Human-Machine Interfaces: The Key to Productivity?

Dr. Yvo Saanen & Dr. Azadeh Shirzad, TBA, Delft, Netherlands

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The notion of an ‘automated container terminal’ suggests a very limited involvement of humans in the daily running of operations, however despite this conception, the reality is far from that. The truth is that automated terminals heavily rely on human influence to keep the fleets of driverless machines running, as well as to deal with unpredictable exceptions. This is because the handling of exceptions is poorly supported by today’s control systems (TOS and ECS), meaning a process controller requires mastermind skills. Information is divided over multiple systems rendering it (too) complex for process controllers to do their job effectively.

  Delivering Performance      Automation and Optimisation, Port Focus, Supply Chain, Wireless Networks

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Delivering Performance


As the automation trend continues to grow rapidly in the ports and terminals sector, key stakeholders are looking for ways to deliver performance. This edition, published ahead of the Container Terminal Automation Conference 2019, focuses on how terminals can achieve results.

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