How DP World Vancouver Decreased Container Topples Without Sacrificing Productivity

How DP World Vancouver Decreased Container Topples Without Sacrificing Productivity

Alan Peterson, TMEIC Global Sales Leader - Crane Systems

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With more than 65 terminals spread across six continents, DP World is one of the largest marine terminal operators in the world. Container handling generates more than three quarters of its revenue, representing the company’s core business. Located on the south shore of Burrard Inlet, in the inner harbour of downtown Vancouver, Canada, DP World Vancouver is a key gateway port for the trans- Pacific trades between Asia and the Pacific Northwest. Not only does the terminal serve the local market for British Columbia, it also provides direct daily intermodal rail connection to the important markets of eastern Canada and the midwestern US. DP World’s Vancouver Terminal was thecompany’s first operation in North America and is part of Canada’s largest and most diversified port, Port Metro Vancouver – one of the fastest-growing container ports on the continent. As a result of this remarkable growth, container cargo through Port Metro Vancouver is expected to more than double over the next 10 years from 2.8 million TEU handled last year. In March 2004, DP World Vancouver invested $148 million in a now finished expansion. Because of this expansion effort, the terminal has more than doubled container-handling capacity to almost 800,000 TEU, added three super post- Panamax container cranes, doubled on-dock rail to 8,000 feet and added 19 rubber-tired gantries (RTGs). In an effort to reduce operator error and damage to containers, DP World Vancouver enlisted the help of TMEIC, a leader in safe and efficient port automation, to supply the Maxview Smart Move System on two of the aforementioned RTG cranes in October 2013.

How Maxview Smart Move System works:

The Maxview Smart Move System is a laser-based stack profile and operator landing assist system tailored to RTG and RMG cranes...

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