Gulftainer’s Wilmington Strategy: Port-Centric Logistics & Collaboration

Gulftainer’s Wilmington Strategy: Port-Centric Logistics & Collaboration

Peter Richards, Chief Executive Officer, Gulftainer Group

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Gulftainer is the world’s largest privately owned terminal operations company, and we’re functioning in a tough market full of technological change and new developments. This is why we’ve embarked on a new strategy focused on operational capability and port-centric logistics, as we believe this area represents a space of natural growth. Gulftainer’s (GT USA) award of a 50-year concession to fully manage and operate the Port of Wilmington in the US is forcing us to lead in a creative manner.

We have to ensure we change the economic dynamic for the local community, region, State of Delaware, and the US East Coast, in order to show we can do the best job possible. We also have to be an excellent place for companies to do business, ensuring we’re moving trade through exceptionally quickly.

The transition from a landlord port to an operational model i s providing challenges and opportunities for GT USA. One area of... 

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