GCT Bayonne: award-winning terminal operations

GCT Bayonne: award-winning terminal operations

Rich Ceci was Project Manager of the GCT Bayonne Expansion Project, he is now Sr VP of Projects and Technology with the Port of Virginia

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Located in one of the densest consumer markets, the GCT Bayonne Expansion Project is the first brownfield container terminal in the Western Hemisphere to be converted to semi-automation, the first terminal in North America to implement the Navis N4, the only big ship ready facility in the port of New York and New Jersey, and remains the only facility worldwide to implement an RMG and RTG terminal on the same overall footprint. The facility is a 146-acre container terminal located in the Port of New York / New Jersey.

GCT Bayonne is split between a traditional RTG operation and ten semi-automated RMG stacks. Horizontal transport between the vessel and RMGs is done by manned 1 over 1 shuttle trucks provided by Terex. Each of the ten stacks features two RMG cranes that operate automatically 90% of the time. The architecture allows for the separation of waterside and landside operations. Waterside operations are totally automated, while landside operations employ a remote crane operator to raise and lower containers the last ten feet to/from a chassis.

The shuttle trucks and STS cranes all employ differential GPS systems to track the movement of containers. Furthermore, all street trucks in the Port of New York and New Jersey are required to have RFID tags, these tags are part of a port security system and also support the port authority’s clean truck initiative. The RFID technology is leveraged throughout the terminal to pace truck activities at various points in the process. The STS cranes consist of 6 older cranes, and two new cranes, which have all been fitted with STS optical character recognition (OCR).

GCT Bayonne makes extensive use of wireless network technology. Every light pole features an access point, RTLS receivers, as well as CCTV cameras to support security and operational needs...

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