Future Port Automation: Issues to Consider

Future Port Automation: Issues to Consider

Dr Kelly Weeks, Dr Mahdi Safa, and Prof Jeff Dyson; The College of Business of the Lamar University

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Cargo travels through ports increasingly with the aid of automation. As automation evolves and becomes more sophisticated, terminal operators realize efficiencies that help increase throughput, reduce turnaround time and increase revenue generation. Many are unsure of what level of automation to use, if any. The decision to implement automation can be complicated by the expense, and it carries a stigma that scares ports away from investigating the advantages it offers.


Terminals that are automated are safer, quieter and tidier than most conventional terminals. Importantly, these automated terminals provide containers to trucks at a faster rate than manual cargo handlers, and other benefits include limiting environmental emissions…

  AI & Automation      Automation and Optimisation, Container Handling

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