Technical Papers - Port & Maritime Training


Pervasive, Industrial, Wireless: Evolving Terminal Operations

  PTI Edition 84 - Delivering Performance

Private cellular wireless services are the key to unlocking the digital transformation of terminal operations. Today, the full-scale automation of berth and yard operations, including the deployment of automated stacking cranes (ASC) and automated horizontal transport, such as straddle carriers, as well as the use of drones, is being held back by the inadequacies of existing wireless systems.

  Automation and Optimisation, Container Weighing, Port & Maritime Training, Port Focus, Supply Chain

Building Smart Ports: Through Many Small Steps

  PTI Edition 80 - Ports of the Future

Smart ports is a topical theme in the maritime industry as ports, terminals, shipping and the logistics chain seek to understand and take advantages of technology to improve the productivity of all aspects of their businesses.

  Automation and Optimisation, Environment, Health & Safety, Port & Maritime Training, Port Focus, Supply Chain

How Simulation Improves Port Operations

  PTI Edition 73 - The Automation, Training & Simulation Issue

Vessel sizes have increased exponentially due in part to the new Panama Canal. But even before it opened, the pressure was there for larger ships. In the 70s, we saw larger tankers, VLCCs and ULCCs appeared at our sea buoys.

  Automation and Optimisation, Port & Maritime Training, Simulation Training, VTMIS & Aids to Navigation (ATON)