Flexibility at Sharjah Container Terminal

Flexibility at Sharjah Container Terminal

Richard James, Terminal Manager, Sharjah Container Terminal

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Sharjah was the location for Gulftainer’s first operation which started 38 years ago and holds the distinction of being the first purpose-built container terminal in the Arabian Gulf. Starting with a single berth serving geared vessels by just a handful of men, one of whom still works at the terminal today, Sharjah Container Terminal (SCT) has grown into a thriving facility which will pass the 400,000TEU milestone for annual throughput later this year and boasts five quayside cranes operating at very competitive productivity rates.

Main equipment

The terminal now has four designated berths totalling 760m and an available depth of 12.5m. The two Liebherr ship-to-shore (STS) gantry cranes are supplemented by three mobile harbour cranes (MHC), two Gottwald GHMK 7608s and one Liebherr LHM400, which in various configurations can be combined to best suit each vessel caller...

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