Evolving an Offering: Analysing Industry Results

Evolving an Offering: Analysing Industry Results

Richard Hepworth, Managing Director, Trelleborg Marine Systems

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In the third quarter of 2016, Trellebrog's Marine System (TMS) operation carried out an industry wide survey intended to understand the current level of marine market maturity in terms of digitation and automation. Calling on the views of global port, terminal and shipping stakeholders, the survey explored the evolution of digital technologies in ports, whether the industry is doing enough to prepare for the Port of the Future, and whether stakeholders truly understand the role of data in making this vision a reality.

Automation and Data

Herein, Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg's marine systems operation discusses the results of the survey and what they might mean for the industry going forward. One of the key takeaways from our recent research was that the market, on the whole, truly recognizes and appreciated how important data and automation are becoming. The report found that over 90% of ports, terminals and shippers accept the importance of Big Data, but when it comes to capturing and interpreting it, this number drops significantly.

  The Automation, Training & Simulation Issue      Automation and Optimisation, Port Focus, Port Planning, Design & Construction, Terminal Logistics, VTMIS & Aids to Navigation (ATON)

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The Automation, Training & Simulation Issue


The Automation, Training and Simulation Issue delves deeply into the world of port and terminal operations and its digitalization. Digitalization has myriad benefits and these are not just limited to the productivity gains and environmental efficiency, benefits also mean a revolution in the way we carry out training.

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