Energy Peak Shavings for Ship-to-Shore Cranes

Energy Peak Shavings for Ship-to-Shore Cranes

Professor Harry Geerlings, Professor Ron van Duin, Robert Heij

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The size of containerships is increasing continuously. After a containership has berthed at the seaside of a terminal, the STS cranes start unloading the incoming containers according to the unloading plan. Container terminals are under high pressure to handle ships as fast as possible against a low price to improve their competitive position.

The handling capacity of a container terminal isn't highly dependent on the number of STS cranes and their capacity, as the cranes determine the handling time per ship as well as the throughput of containers to the stacking process. During the loading/unloading of a containership, two criteria are important: the ship’s stability and the number of...

  Linking the Supply Chain      Container Handling, Environment, Health & Safety

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Linking the Supply Chain


The modern port has to think beyond its immediate sphere in order to countenance the supply chain of the future, and this edition has a bumper Intelligent Supply Chain section so terminal executives can gain key insight into the wider supply chain

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