Egypt Through the Prism of Port-Centric Logistics

Egypt Through the Prism of Port-Centric Logistics

Ashraf Ghazy, Damietta Port Authority, Egypt

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In Egypt, many steps have been taken to support the development of ports by enhancing ship and cargo services, increasing storage capacity and dry port usage, and establishing port-centric logistics centers. IT has become crucial to buttress the move towards better performance via the electronic exchange
of documents, electronic controlling and cargo traffic systems, and using periodical reports from data centres. Thus, special attention is given to applying international maritime codes particularly the ISPS Code.

International ties remain vital to the development of port logistics in Egypt, with Egypt the first Arab state to become a member of IMO. However, it did lose its seat from 2013 till 2014 due to political instability. Egypt was re-elected in 2016, and since then has strived to maintain sound relations with other maritime-related...

  Port-Centric Logistics      Port Focus, Port Planning, Design & Construction, Supply Chain, Terminal Logistics

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Port-Centric Logistics


Edition 82 focuses on port-centric logistics, a field that has become increasingly referenced in an age of end-to-end supply chains and digital, interacting ports

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