Efficient Port Gate Automation

Efficient Port Gate Automation

Dr Shih-Liang Chao, National Taiwan Ocean University

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A port terminal is a restricted area due to regulated public sector operations in ports such as customs, immigration, quarantine and national security. Therefore, a port terminal gate serves as a key check point to identify and record each entity entering or leaving the restricted area.

As the size of modern container ships has increased, the volume of container traffic passing through gates has also risen dramatically. As a result, employing technologies to improve the efficiency and security of gate operations has become the predominant strategy for terminal operators dealing with heavy traffic passing through their gates.

The typical entity that commonly passing through port gates comprises three critical components: a driver, a truck, and a container. A basic Gate Automation System (GAS) must be capable of identifying...

  AI & Automation      Automation and Optimisation, Port Focus, Supply Chain

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