Technical Papers

#SPSC18 Conference e-Book #1 Supply Chains

  PTI Edition SPSC #1 - #SPSC18 Conference e-Book #1 Supply Chains

Wolfgang Lehmacher, World Economic Forum; Dr. Oscar Pernia Fernandez, Navis and XVELA; Chris Collins; Rashid Abdulla, DP World; Niels Kristiansen, Anders Olivarius, Thor Thorup, Portchain

  Automation and Optimisation, Port Focus, Supply Chain, Warehousing and Logistics

#SPSC18 Conference e-Book #2 Blockchain

  PTI Edition SPSC #2 - #SPSC18 Conference e-Book #2 Blockchain

Blockchain in Supply Chains follows the supply chain eBook Path to Intelligence, but more of these digital publications, which feature many of the top #SPSC18 speakers, are yet to come

  Automation and Optimisation, Finance, Global Terminal Operators, Mobility, Security, Surveillance and Detection, Supply Chain, The Last Word

Container Weighing eBook: Part 2

  PTI Edition eBook - Container Weighing eBook - Part 2

PTI is pleased to announce its second Container Weighing eBook, in which the recently enforced Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) amendment from the IMO is explored and the experiences of those implementing it have been conveyed

  Container Weighing, Port Planning, Design & Construction

Top eBook: Cutting-Edge Automation

  PTI Edition eBook - Cutting-Edge Automation eBook

New eBook from PTI explores the latest trends and technologies in automation and acts as a precursor to the upcoming PTI Terminal Automation & Training Event

  Automation and Optimisation, Global Terminal Operators, Port Focus, Port Planning, Design & Construction

Container Weighing eBook

  PTI Edition eBook - Container Weighing eBook

PTI has released a new eBook with four exclusive papers that explore the container weighing issue from an operational, logistical, practical and legal perspective

  Container Weighing, Global Terminal Operators