Detect and Control Cyber Risks

Detect and Control Cyber Risks

Claudia Bosse, Scientific Researcher, and Martin Stamer, Scientific Researcher, Fraunhofer CML

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The IT infrastructure of ports, comprising hard- and software assets of the companies engaged in transport and goods handling in the maritime supply chain, is particularly vulnerable in the present day. Ports are located at the interface of information flows from many different users and countries that access and exchange capabilities for digital information. Every data interface means a potential threat in form of a possible entry point for unplanned access to the systems behind.

The ongoing digitalization will result in even more complex and a higher degree of networked IT-systems and so will the number of electronic interfaces to business partner systems in supply chains increase, which cannot be supervised and controlled by the single company. In order to ensure that these processes and interconnections don‘t allow malware to shut down operations or allow manipulation
of data for illegal purposes, a solution to identify threats along the supply chain is urgently needed. Although not many cyber incidents concerning the maritime supply...

  AI & Automation      Automation and Optimisation, Security, Surveillance and Detection, Supply Chain

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