Cutting ties with conventional thinking: Versatile and cost-effective: automated mooring systems

Cavotec MSL, Lugano, Switzerland

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MoorMaster™ is a vacuum-based automated mooring technology that eliminates the need for conventional mooring lines. Remote controlled vacuum pads recessed in or mounted on the quayside can moor and release vessels in seconds. The system offers improved safety, infrastructure savings, improved turnaround times and reductions in emissions.

“MoorMaster entirely changes everything the industry has previously understood about mooring. We’ve discovered characteristics of the technology, even in the past couple of years, that represent an entirely new paradigm – it’s that different,” says Mike Howie, Cavotec MoorMaster Product Manager.

Technological and safety overview
MoorMaster dramatically reduces vessel movement caused by the met-ocean conditions. Large pads adhere to vessels’ hulls with hydraulic triple axis arms, able to move in three planes simultaneously.

Conventional moor ing lines store energy from vessel movement, energy that can cause ropes to snap – posing a severe threat to ship and shore personnel. MoorMaster, on the other hand, does not store energy under any circumstances; it prevents this build up in energy.

“You don’t have to worry about the additional strength required to overcome vessel inertia once mooring ropes are already under severe tension due to vessel motion: MoorMaster doesn’t allow ships to start moving in the first place,” explains Howie.

The system continuously compensates vessel motion and automatically makes adjustments to vessel position. The technology constantly provides information on system status, and alerts users to changing conditions and potential or developing problems.

It also requires a modest, but constant supply of electricity to operate the system. Cavotec encourages ports to install back-up generator systems where the power supply is unreliable.

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