Controlling Coal Dust in Ports

Controlling Coal Dust in Ports

Robin Travis, Renby Ltd., Chester, UK

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The import and export of minerals through ports is a major undertaking for any authority. Most minerals are inherently dusty. Unless materials are transported in sealed containers, fugitive dust will be the inevitable consequence.

Environmental authorities are becoming much more strict on emissions and have the ultimate sanction of closure notices – a risk not worth taking. Furthermore, neighbouring storage areas can be easily polluted by dust, leading to unnecessary clean-up expenditure and – worse still – lost business. This article explores the solutions available to prevent dust arising when handling coal in a port. The techniques described can be equally applied to other minerals.

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  Edition 47      Dry Bulk & Specialist Cargo Handling

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Edition 47


This edition looks in-depth at coal handling, environmentally friendly port development and maximising safety through automation.