Container Weighing eBook

Container Weighing eBook

PTI, Lars Meurling, Simon Everett, Matthew Gore

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PTI has released a new eBook with four exclusive papers that explore the container weighing issue from an operational, logistical, practical and legal perspective.

The papers are written by PTI Editor Richard Joy, who interviews representatives of Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd and major freight forwarder Kuehne + Nagel; Strainstall MD Simon Everett; Bromma Senior VP Lars Meurling; and Partner with lawyers for international commerce Holman Fenwick Willan.

The eBook is intended to provide a solid review of the SOLAS container weighing amendment and offer the industry the chance to become compliant in good time before July 1, 2016.

PTI Editor Richard Joy said: “eBooks are a great opportunity for PTI to really focus in on key topics and trends in the industry and allow us to maintain our philosophy of being reactive in providing pertinent content to the sector between quarterly journals.

“The container weighing issue is the perfect place to start for our inaugural eBook. We’ve had lots of feedback from our audience regarding container weighing, so I’m confident this eBook can answer the many questions that have been raised in the conversations I’ve had with various people with regards to the amendment, and provide a solid overview for those still uninitiated as to the nuances of the rule.

“I look forward to the feedback we receive for this eBook as the editorial team have another one in the pipeline to be released shortly, so hopefully we can keep improving on our content.”

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Container Weighing eBook


PTI has released a new eBook with four exclusive papers that explore the container weighing issue from an operational, logistical, practical and legal perspective