Blockchain: Beyond the Hype

Blockchain: Beyond the Hype

Lyon Hardgrave, VP of Product and Business Development, VAKT

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Author's note: Shared problems require a shared solution. This paper explains why collaboration works so well in the supply chain and how VAKT and other blockchain-based platform developers can benefit traders, ports and terminals through a shared ledger.

Popular culture references to ‘blockchain’ typically refer to public blockchains, such as Bitcoin, but public blockchains are only one type of distributed ledger technology (DLT), one optimized to allow strangers to trade. The blockchains that are usually discussed in enterprise settings are almost all private DLTs, which use blockchain components and can share many of the beneficial characteristics of public blockchains. However, they also have strict rules on which parties have visibility to which data within the permissioned space and often provide no visibility to the general public...

  Smart Ports & Supply Chains      Automation and Optimisation, Container Handling, Finance, Supply Chain

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Smart Ports & Supply Chains


The supply chain is altering to fit a smarter future; technologies once perceived as threats are quickly becoming opportunities. This edition explores beyond the port to inform its readership about the incoming changes that will evolve ports into 'smart' nodes.

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