Azimuth Stern-Drive Tugs Guidelines

Captain Henk Hensen, Fellow of The Nautical Institute, Marine Consultant, Maasland, The Netherlands

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There have been a number of accidents with azimuth stern-drive tugs. Some involved a lack of awareness of the interaction forces surrounding the bows of different types of vessel; some related to the limits imposed by the design of the tug; and some related to issues of familiarity with engine and steering controls,  seamanship, weather conditions or speed.

This article provides a summary of key points from a comprehensive, 25 pp monograph, designed to provide practical guidance to avoid problems that can arise from operating these powerful, highly manoeuvrable vessels as bow tugs.

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Edition 32


Edition 32 includes articles on THSCAN technology for liquid security inspection; protecting your assets against ALWC corrosion; and bulk handling solutions for environmentally friendly loading/unloading.