Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence

Rich Ceci, Port of Virginia, Virginia, US and Oscar Pernia, Navis, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Why is realizing the full potential of automated terminals for operational performance taking so long? And, for those who succeed in automation, why is it so complex and difficult?

In the ‘promised land’ of terminal automation, the missing piece is the confidence in regards to how robots, software and humans, performing as a whole, will achieve greater levels of operational performance. Automated decision making is a fundamental piece of that ‘promised land’; automated or not, decisions at container terminals must be prescriptive, looking ahead to better deal with the inherent dynamics of planning. They must also be resilient, adapting to addressing the required flexibility at execution. So far, container terminals have found challenges in making automated decision making effective, empowering efficiency, safety, and sustainability. 

Taking into account the progress made by emerging technologies such as artificial...

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AI & Automation


PTI Edition 74: AI & Automation. This editions looks at the burgeoning ability of AI and what that means for society, workers and the global supply chain.

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