Are TOS Systems Efficient Enough for SMTs?

Are TOS Systems Efficient Enough for SMTs?

Marc Boyer Chammard, CEO, TGI Maritime Software

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TGI often see press releases selling breakthroughs and innovations happening at large terminals, usually heavy investment in equipment, infrastructure or IT, and its flagship product in the maritime terminal industry: The TOS (Terminal Operating System). But innovation isn’t just restricted to the large players in the industry, small and medium sized terminals (SMTs), with relatively small investments, can also benefit from TOS and providers dedicated to this SMT market.

There are very specific requirements to take into consideration when dealing with SMTs. Indeed, in most SMTs, when it comes to TOS implementation, there are constraints to consider while preparing and proceeding with changes...

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The Automation, Training and Simulation Issue delves deeply into the world of port and terminal operations and its digitalization. Digitalization has myriad benefits and these are not just limited to the productivity gains and environmental efficiency, benefits also mean a revolution in the way we carry out training.

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