A World First: Combined Automated Mooring and Shore Power

A World First: Combined Automated Mooring and Shore Power

Sofus Gedde-Dahl, Managing Director, Cavotec, Mjøndalen, Norway

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The world’s first combined automated mooring and shore power system for a battery powered passenger ferry, currently being installed at two ferry berths in Norway, seems set to promise new standards in automation, sustainabilty and efficiency for the the ports and terminal sector and beyond.

A unique challenge

Norway’s Ministry of Transport and Communications launched a tender for the development of environmentally friendly ferry concepts to serve the 5.7km Lavik – Oppedal route in the south of the country in 2011 in order to replace the diesel powered vessel currently used. The competition attracted a number of specialists in the maritime sector, including naval architects and ship propulsion engineers. The main issue facing the ...

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