New Frontier: Big Data & the Impact on the Supply Chain

New Frontier: Big Data & the Impact on the Supply Chain

Manoj Bhardwaj, Director of BI Solutions, Navis; Bryan Miller, Director of Professional Services, Navis

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Modern business moves at the speed of light, and as part of that, access to timely and accurate data is critical. The ability to automate not only the collection of, but also, the analysis of the massive amounts of information processed on a daily basis, allows organisations to make business decisions based on facts, rather than antiquated processes or unreliable intuition and gut instincts.

The pay-off of business intelligence (BI) and the optimised decision-making that Big Data can empower has real impact. Companies such as AT&T and American Express have made big bets on the promise of Big Data. For example, AT&T has opened a Big Data Center of Excellence in Plano, Texas to improve internal and external operations. American Express on the other hand, is using Big Data in the areas of service excellence, billings and risk management.

With documented use cases for Big Data and analytics among mainstream corporations, the question now becomes: Is it time for ocean shipping and/or the broader global supply chain to consider these types of solutions for their own operations? The answer is yes...

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