A New Dawn for Crane Technology

A New Dawn for Crane Technology

David Moosbrugger, Managing Director, Kuenz

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The future in the container handling industry is automation. We know that the basis for a well working automated crane is a proper mechanical concept and key performance indicators. We measure these on the mechanical side (stiffness of the crane and rope tower), via intelligent travelling drive units, accurate manufacturing of all components and self-adjusting systems (such as rope adjusting during lifting). Maintenance costs and time are getting more and more vital in automated terminals, so beside the cost, the human risk is increased when people need to enter an automated terminal to tend to cranes. Therefore, we have a long-term commitment to long lasting components and several developments have been made in the area of maintenance with regard to critical parts such as ropes and wheels. Patented solutions are used on Kuenz container cranes, offering a lifetime of more than 10 years on wheels and more than 5 years for ropes...

  AI & Automation      Automation and Optimisation, Container Handling

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