A Call from the Inuit: Clean-Up Arctic Shipping

A Call from the Inuit: Clean-Up Arctic Shipping

Lisa Qiluqqi Koperqualuk, Vice President, Inuit Circumpolar Council, Canada

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Lisa Qiluqqi Koperqualuk focuses on the arctic shipping argument from the perspective of Inuit communities who could be massively affected. 

More than 50% of the Inuit diet comes from the land and the sea, and Inuit people inhabit some 40% of Canada’s landmass, usually living along coastlines very close to the sea. Subsistence culture is an important mainstay for Inuit wherethe sea ice plays a very important role.

The impact of climate change on the Arctic sea ice has meant that shipping is increasing in Arctic Canada, and with it, concerns over safer shipping.

Emissions from ships are having a direct impact on Inuit language, knowledge, experiential learning, tradition; physical, mental and social health, spirituality, and more.

So with so much at stake for the health of our Inuit population and our arctic flora and fauna, the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Canada has long delivered a strong message for change.

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