Update: The Changing Face of Automation

Update: The Changing Face of Automation

Richard Butcher, Global Head & Director: Port and Terminal Division, Wipro Technologies, Reading, UK

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It has been over 12 months since my last look at the port and terminal market when I addressed how market forces were driving change and noted the demand for increased automation across the industry. I had a very good response to that initial paper, with over 1,000 requests coming from the terminal market. I have taken the time to review various comments that touched on the hot-button issues in the industry at present, and now I want to take a much more focused look at some of the specific areas that can be improved within the terminal market with the deployment of advanced applications.

It must be clearly mentioned at the outset that although technology is a key driving factor for improving efficiencies and driving operational costs lower, the need for more effective management intervention and
closer control over the overall running of these facilities is essential. Also, technological solutions must be implemented successfully and proper training and support are all essential to achieve the maximum returns for any port or terminal business...

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