Update: Ports of the Future

Update: Ports of the Future

Dr Oscar Pernia, Operational Innovation, NAVIS; and, Manuel Perez, Strategy Director, XVELA; California, USA

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For the port of the future, bigger vessels, broader carrier alliances, container capacity consolidation and larger hub and spoke port networks will be changing costs and revolutionising the way in which profits are generated from operations. Simultaneously, the port of the future will manage increased investment along with demands for improved productivity and higher level of service.

To reach this stage of development it will require significant investment in new technology and changes in operational mindsets and in the way technology is used. Port operators of the future will be managing far more information technology than in the past; leveraging cloud based networks to connect with far more shipping partners, and processing huge amounts of data to improve planning, control and execution of operations. The work ahead is significant and will ultimately lead to a far more efficient and predictable ocean supply chain, while eliminating or drastically reducing the estimated US$17 billion waste in current port and carrier business processes...

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